Last years man

(Sinnamon Records, 2002)

Last years man

(Sinnamon Records, 2002)

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If such a small thing as a scorpion
Is able to put an end to our thoughts,
Why do we keep calling life a miracle?
Why do we keep waiting for the revealing call?

Play it down,
Come on, play it down,
Come on, come on, let it be.

Different circumstances have guided me here,
Ideas also deserve their democracy.
Scales are always unbalanced right or left,
Between nihilism and jingling bells.

Play it down,
Come on, play it down,
Come on, come on, let it be.

And summer’s short but don’t weep now, we’ve never shone at survival,
Eternity is only beautiful as a horizon.
And what is true and should make you think is the common uncertainty
Between the smallest hobo and the man of the year.

Play it down,
Come on, play it down,
Come on, come on, let it be.

Play it down,
Come on, play it down,
Come on, come on, let it be


World should get ready,
For, people, I’m back on the road again,
I’ve left behind that winter’s liking
And this will be my gain.

To spark the day and lit the bulb
I’m back on the road again
And my only arm and my wooden leg
Are just a small detail.

Been in my sweet home,
my boring home to hide and rest.
Been in sheets of silk,
The guilty fink they don’t arrest.

But silence was a sad disguise
I used to avoid my shame,
And when I enter the fray,
There’s another dummy doll,
dummy doll to blame.

I crashed into a satellite
Now I think I shouldn’t have flown so high.
But I’m free of her chain,
And I’m here again to demand what’s mine.

Mine are all the lost chances,
Mine’s the wasted time.
The tears turned into diamonds
And tears have always been mine.

Birds, they come and go,
They freely fly over our heads,
They say there’s another life,
a life of vertigo and restlessness.

I’ll find a bed to bed down my heart,
I’ll move heaven and earth.
I will grow in other directions
But in love I want to stay.


In the house everybody plays, they are having fun,
I am like a book that they try to sum.
I’m on every talk, I’m in every mind
Even if I belch they will say I’m kind.

I feel like a frog knocking on the door
Of the sweet dissection that they keep for me
And this wine tastes like chloroform.

In the house everybody thinks I’m a special man,
That I know the things they can’t understand,
That I have the gift to put in words
What they see and feel but they have not thought.

They think I’m a genius, that I come from Venus,
Where we grew up with mighty special food,
For the trees they don’t see the wood.

And if it be possible to get in my mind,
To take my place for a while,
They’d see all my fears, my impending tears
And all the trues that I hide.

And in times it’s funny to be myself,
When I watch my name written on a shelf,
When I pick up a myth maniac girl
And she offers me the pearl.

And these removable affairs
were empty just at first,
Now they are my every day’s bread.

It’s all I can get, I’m many floors above
From the one where people just exists,
Perhaps it be worth, I’m afraid it may not,
But I only know I am here.


You keep on saying obstinately that tomorrow never knows,
That I’ll surprise myself one day suddenly in love with you,
And you base your forecast in my songs,
where you see I’m not the bastard that I show.

Another proof of what I mean are this very words,
Another armor, another wall, and you are not afraid to fall,
But your good faith won’t awake my love,
Your optimism will get lost in my forest, in my haze,
And you keep on and on but you are confusing terms
Because I am….I am just the bastard that I show,
And there might be something good but you’ll never know.

The prize is high and it will get higher- the times I’ve made you cry-.
But you were thinking it was impossible waving the last goodbye,
You say I got into your heart forever more
And you’ll never be the girl you were before.
But that’s not my problem, it is yours.

And if you are so sure you know me how can you explain
Your corpse, your bruises, all those beatings, your standing on the wane;
Don’t justify me, don’t give me shelter,
not all of us must be fair, feelings are not a response.
Everybody everywhere I go believe they know me,
I’m always putting on the top
the new layers of incredulity they chop.
So they made of me the bastard that I show.

But if this fact excuses me it could mean that long ago
I had been good, I had been free, I didn’t feel I had
To satisfy the world or the books with dots of gold,
I just had to breath, it was enough,
I suppose there I learnt what I know about love.

I’ve kept a little of my feelings, a piece of yesterday,
I have to fight to see you bleeding, a fight against myself,
I’d heal the wound, I’d cry, I’d stop the hemorrhage,
I’d stay if I could go at the same time,
But at last, when I have to choose, I choose myself,
I choose my body and my house.
So people wonders everywhere I go:
How can I write this songs being the bastard that I show?


Mummy, don’t let me drink that much,
Yes, I know I’m a full-grown man,
I know you told me off as a child,
When you found that under the bed.

Couldn’t you rock me, again,
And give me some whack?
Somewhere I made a mistake,
And I know there’s no way back.

Mummy, don’t let me drink that much,
I miss the still of your side,
Life became complicated,
Kiss me goodnight.


One thinks that after years
Of continual faith
One could find the rest,
But that’s not that way;
I still need to fill time,
And thoughts are not enough,
I have to cut my veins,
And later heal the wound,
Jumping from the roof,
Bite the wind or the air
Because success, it can’t be touched,
As it can’t be caught,
And the missing joy is telling:
“Boy you chose to come a
Rainy day at the theme park”.

Once a poor king won the war
And he sat down alone
At the edge of a cliff,
He was escaping from his throne,
And looking at his land,
The kingdom in his eyes
He had to recognize
It looked very much like none,
He noticed that his feat
Was unable to defeat
The sweet smiles of his wife,
And his daughter’s face,
Then he saw the future and the past,
The written, what he was going to write,
A mark, a stain.

They look for the approval of you all,
The pity of you all,
Admiration and respect,
Confusing smoky pall,
And once they get the loot
It’s never as it seemed,
It becomes another good,
An unnecessary dream,
Another little step,
The long-time-wished
But today absolutely annoying pet,
The coming back mistake,
Victim of spleen,
Now it teems, teeming for a lark,
Rainy day at the theme park.

You’re not safe
In the face of this.

You’re not safe
In the face of this.


Up to now
I’ve been hidden in the row,
Leftovers from the trash,
Fussy and rash.

I changed my mind,
Backwards, behind
The curtain and the bunches,
I might have forgotten branches

Branches of
The most beautiful oak,
The tree where I grew up,
The grass where slept my pup,
My yesterday,
My life,
The eternal fount
From where water runs.
It’s been looking back,
Simply looking back.

In a late show
Once I saw
The goddess of the shell
With a voice of rusty bell.

A wound that bleeds,
A never-ending blitz,
The hole in the old coins,
Girding our loins.

The easy choice,
The whispering voice
That tells you there’s another road,
That tells you there’s a better chance,
The genial option,
Right or left,
The secret door
where thousand times somebody stayed.
It’s been always there
It’s been always there.


Put your candies in the jar,
Let’s go to that bunker we dug,
Take the essential clothes,
The bowl for the dogs,
Come on, don’t be loath,
take the hatchet for the logs.

Don’t you see
The moon on the wane?
I told you God would return
With an avenging cane.

Living’s hard enough and we are so weird
That we put sticks in our wheels;
In a shady room
Hidden we wait
Pretending life goes on
For fellow human being

And we know
Moon’s on the wane.
There’s something absolutely wrong
But we keep in lane.

Speed of love and speed of life,
No time to rest, no peace of mind,
No little stop,
No inn where to lie
Any minute now
We could suddenly die,

And over us,
Moon on the wane,
Too long risking, too long
Stroking crazy lion’s mane.

Baby, recognize your lack,
Your mistakes, your dirty sack
Where you keep all the shit,
All the things that doesn’t fit;
Are you proud lying yourself
There’s nobody you need.

Don’t you know
The moon on the wane?
The sign that lets you see
You’re not sane.

So leave behind your dreams of peace,
This is not this puzzle’s piece,
Renounce to that
You used to call to win,
All your hopes were lies
Now you can bin.

Come on, look,
At the moon on the wane.
Ain’t it pretty?
Let’s die in vain.


She talks of death without reservation,
She pours the wine and she says swearwords,
She gets drunk, she dances badly, like me,
And, moreover, she’s a beautiful thing.

She likes to do strange things untimely,
Like painting fences in the rain,
When she disagrees she just smiles sadly
Even then she’s a beautiful thing.

She never changes the toilet paper,
And she forgets the brush anywhere
She prefers light from a taper
And, moreover, she’s a beautiful thing.

She wants to save this pretty earth,
And she sees the weakness of our win,
She’d live beside me even in dearth,
And, moreover, she’s a beautiful thing


Imagine life is a trip of a being (you can call it soul),
Then body is a rented flat, what do you need body for?

If it’s to feel sensations like sex or feelings like love,
When you’re tired of sensibility, what do you need body for?

If you really want to know what the hell are this stars above,
Then you’re annoyed by gravity, what do you need body for?

If you believe in science you don’t need to believe in God,
But if you believe neither of them, what do you need body for?

So when you decide to finish this holidays no matter what you swore,
Take the good, face up the road, what do you need body for?


Arriving home, as I switch on the lights
I let go of the briefcase with a little delight,
I leave the jacket in the hanger and I lock up,
I take off the shoes and I look for my cup.

And many times I whisper “home at last”.

I stumble with the mirror and he tells me no lies,
The wrinkles in the corners of my mouth and my eyes.
And I look for a picture of me as a child
And the difference is enormous but I haven’t noticed.

I wonder where are all those dreams
I dropped lengthways of life.

Today it’s my birthday, I’ve lost the count,
Time that passed slowly is now water from a fount,
And it won’t move the mill, it’s in the top of a hill,
Where all the chances I wasted are laughing at me.

Well, that’s existence’s fee.

And when the sun heads the new day, as a moonlight thief,
There’s no feeling of lost as in new year’s eve,
And it is a strange fact, mathematics’ bump,
How can be parts bigger than the sum?

It’s not what one was waiting for.

Days are long and years are short.


You do me up, neat and tidy,
And it grants me
A certain aura, a certain trophy aspect.

Perhaps it’s all only in my mind,
Perhaps the wine,
another care.

This pink carnation
Is such a detail,
You, so lavish.

Behind the window, like a shark
In an aquarium,
The tame beast.

I guess canapés have never been
a complete diet,
But you wear them so well.

The kind of things that make you
Think “what a beautiful world”
Are the things that make me think
“I don’t need this at all”,
and so, my fire
is now for hire.

But I’ve never said my attitude
Showed my wisdom,
I’m modest and I practice tolerance.

Though it’s hard for me to stand your craze
I may love you
Otherwise I don’t understand it.

You take me off from a box,
Like a valuable toy,
You laugh at the jokes
You never laugh when we are alone,
It’s so suspicious,
And not auspicious.

Here you are tonight to revise the play,
The lines you write to me,
I have a trophy aspect.

And we’ll repeat this stupid farce
respecting all the cares,
I have my value.

When you’re so cold you can get old
More than people with feelings,
So we’ll say it’s evolution’s ways
The way you are freezing.
I’m getting abject,
I love my trophy aspect.


Very love starts from pure chance,
A lance,
an arbitrariness.
And if the big bastion tilts
The guilts
must be sent to fate.

We fell
so well,
Perhaps the best way
We could have felt.

You’ve sewn a cushion of dreams,
And its seams
Are transparent and lean.
As fragile as a rose of sand,
A magic wand
That hides and never reveals.

That all around us
Is a chance.

And as it is,
It could be not,
We could have never met,
We could pass by the street,
As perfect strangers,
Ask for the time,
Talking ‘bout the weather,
on the same line,
have a little thought and forget fast
as we’ve done so many times.

The morning seems to wait,
we bite the bait,
we sign up for the game,
And you are still valuing love,
But, love,
I’ll never feel the same,

I only play
In the ruins
Of our yesterday.

I had you near,
My old wealth, my old need,
My little only thing.
You used to sleep under my wing,
And love was only share some dreams,
and feel the warmth of our skins.
Easy things, I miss those easy things.

I miss those easy things,
A thin steak,
Cheap wine and a film.

I miss those easy things


Frail lady, I forgive you, show me the nick,
Frail lady, your eyeliner tears are sliding down your cheek.

Your candy wristlet’s in the puddle, covered by the mud, I’ll buy for you another one,
So you’ll feed the emerald beetle.

Frail lady, I don’t blame you, the glass was broken before.
Don’t’ worry, it’s a small cut, I will heal your wound.

Don’t imitate the cat, and try to fix your look, let me comb your hair.
One sock is white, the other’s red, they aren’t the same pair.

Frail lady, come closer, you need to blow your nose,
You shouldn’t wear your wedding dress as daily clothes.

Take one of my pajamas, I’ll take you to your bed, it is cooling down.
It’s coming a hard rain.

If you’re afraid, I’ll disconnect the storm, and you could sleep with me
I’ll shot the sky if you fear the ugly moon and we will share my shirts,
In the depths of your eyes I see the one you used to be.
And over me and over all this wrong lays all the good you’ve done.

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